Wire Partitions

Harris Handling Wire Partitions

Imagine needing to add another level of security for some of your goods. Creating a separate room is more costly and will just add disruption to your daily operations. If your goods don’t require a different set of temperatures, then creating wire partitions will work for you. 

Wire partitions may be quickly rearranged into a cage-like design, allowing you have an added layer of security, not just for your goods but also for your employees, while maintaining temperatures. A partition can be placed around a delicate piece of equipment or along stairs and mezzanines to avoid falls.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Modular and customizable design
Visible and ventilated
Very cost-effective
Easily installed without affecting productivity
Machine Guarding

Improve your turnaround efficiency and storage level with our strong and durable wire cages. The folding features save a significant amount of space, which is extremely advantageous for any warehouse.

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Wire Containers

Improve inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. This is important since the contents are visible from the outside, and if anything appears damaged, it can be addressed immediately.

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