Crane Systems

Harris Handling Crane Systems

Overhead cranes are easily one of the most integral components when it comes to handling or processing of heavy, oversized items in many big warehouses or facilities. Having overhead cranes can minimize imprecise stacking and accidents that are often caused by forklifts. 

Our team provides a more in-depth approach to customizing cranes based on the size and capacity of a facility. We also make sure that we provide the right accessories based on the weight, size and even the positioning of the items, or where the items are supposed to be placed. Usually, bigger companies only provide a “cookie-cutter” solution for crane installation and do not consider small details that make a tremendous difference for their clients.

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Harris Handling provides the best quality top running and under running overhead cranes guaranteed to maximize productivity and efficiently transport items around your facility.

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Workstation Cranes

If your facility operations require precision and repetitive movements, our Workstation Cranes can be your best option. We offer the best standalone, floor-mounted, and ceiling-mounted workstation crane designs. They’re very cost effective and customized for your daily operations and facility requirement.

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Jib Cranes

Harris Handling provides different types of Top Quality Jib Cranes. We make sure to closely discuss with our clients what the right type of Jib Crane they need, depending on the profile of their facility and items to be handled or lifted.

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