Warehouse Curtains

Harris Handling Warehouse Curtains

Utilizing space in a warehouse can be difficult. Fortunately, warehouse curtains are highly effective in utilizing the space more efficiently. They can separate different departments, maintain employee productivity, limit noise pollution, and maintain temperature differences. Harris Handling provides custom-made or made-to-measure industrial-grade warehouse curtains which ensure a safer and hygienic working environment. You can easily create temporary partitions, temperature-controlled areas, or even barriers for rain, dust, and sunlight. 

Industrial Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains enable you to provide safety for your employees against fumes, sparks, and UV light while maintaining operational flexibility.

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Industrial Soundproof Curtains

We offer industrial noise control curtains that reduce industrial noise from compressors, blowers, stamping, and other high-level machine noise.

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Climate Control Curtains

Our Climate Control curtains are an effective divider wall for warehouse spaces that require consistent climate control. It is frequently used to contain and control cold air temperatures within large facilities.

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Industrial Soft Wall Curtains

Our industrial soft curtain walls can be designed to your exact specifications and materials based on your company’s operational standards.

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