Warehouse Shelving

Harris Handling Shelving

Common storage problems like insufficient space, misplaced inventory or inaccurate recording can be a cause of supply chain disruption. For business owners like you, it can be very annoying but very simple to fix. 

Harris Handling ensures you get the right shelving system that will improve the productivity and safety of your business. Our shelves are also cost-effective and provide great benefits in terms of durability, convenience, and use of space.

Pallet Racking

Our pallet racking system is known to be highly reliable and durable. It allows you to utilize potentially unused vertical space to store your products off the ground.

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Rivet Rack Shelving

Our Rivet Rack Shelves feature a straightforward design with teardrop holes and interlocking rivets. Installing rivet shelving is simple and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

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Clipper Shelving

Your business will surely benefit from the versatility offered by our premium Clipper Shelving. It can manage simple as well as complex multi-level inventory or supplies.

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Wide Span Shelves

Our designs support each deck on all four corners, ensuring stability, maximum capacity, and even weight distribution. Our heavy-duty steel frames can support up to 2,000 lbs. of supplies per shelf.

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