Safety Equipment

Harris Handling Safety Equipment

Our employees and products are the most valuable assets in the company. Their safety should be our top priority. Providing a safe and secure working environment and storage is a must. Harris Handling has a wide selection of safety products for your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing plant. 

Having safety storage cabinets and safety rails in your warehouse or facility is a great safety solution in protecting, not just your commodities but also your employees. They always provide maximum safety, allowing you to rest easy knowing your materials and employees are safe and secure.

Guard Rails

Provide safer walkways for your employees. Our guard rails enable the development of intelligent traffic patterns, and can easily absorb forklifts and other vehicle impacts.

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Steel Storage Cabinets

Steel storage cabinets make good use of available storage space by providing secure enclosed storage. They are designed for storing Flammable liquids, acids, chemicals, paints, inks, and pesticides.

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Flammable Storage Cabinets

Harris Handling provides gas cylinder storage cabinets designed and built in strict accordance with OSHA and NFPA standards.

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