Pallet Rack Systems

Harris Handling Pallet Rack Systems

Getting the right storage system for your business can be extremely challenging especially if the area has obstructions like such as support columns, overhead lighting, drain pipes, and sprinkler systems that may interfere with the ideal placement of pallet racking systems. 

With Harris Handling pallet racking systems, we take time to carefully plan which system suits your business and how we can install it efficiently. You can be assured that whatever pallet racking system you receive from us, your inventory will be well protected and organized for efficient retrieval. 

Push Back Pallet Rack

A Push-back pallet rack is a LIFO (last in, first out) system that provides more selectivity than a drive-in pallet rack. If you need a high-density storage rack, then our push-back pallet rack will work for you.

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Selective Pallet Rack

Our Selective Pallet Rack designs provide high-density storage solutions for your facility. We offer a variety of designs that makes the rack system easy to assemble and rearrange.

We also offer used racks for clients who want to save a little but still want to get good quality and durable pallet racks. 

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Wire Decks

Wire Decks serve as a sturdy foundation for placing inventory, non-palletized products, cases, and cartons, preventing items from falling through the rack.

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Carton Flow Pallet Rack

If your warehouse has a large volume of manual picking operations, then our Carton Flow Pallet Rack is the perfect solution for your warehouse.

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Drive In Pallet Rack

Our Drive in Pallet Rack is your warehouse solution for high-density storage problems. It’s perfect for large quantities of similar products that don’t need too much time to load.

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Cantilever Pallet Rack

If you need longer and bulky items to be stored or organized horizontally across multiple arms, then our Cantilever Pallet Rack is perfect for you.

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Pallet Flow Rack

Due to its deep-lane capacity and convenient pick-face access to all pallets, our pallet flow racking is a great way to optimize your warehouse space. 

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