Custom Made Mezzanines

Different facilities have different needs. Imagine having a floor area with limited space and you need to expand for storage, work operations, equipment access, etc. Relocation is just too expensive and time-consuming. 

Most companies, especially the bigger ones, will only give you a cookie-cutter solution. With Harris Handling, our clients rave about how we provide reliable, out-of-the-box, and personalized solutions. 

Our Mezzanines Features

All of our mezzanine floorings are made to be free-standing, making it possible to fabricate, install, and use them quickly. The design process, ordering, and installation can be completed in as early as three to four weeks. 

Our mezzanine floor designs can include any number of additions, including one or two levels, awnings, specialty barricades, pathways, up-and-over pallet safety gates, and custom stairs. They are all made to meet the specific demands of each of our clients. Our reinforced mezzanine flooring can be customized and used as offices with power outlets and other necessities for professionals or as heavy-duty shelves.

Our Installation Process

  • Before producing the parts required for the construction of the mezzanine floor, we first conduct an extensive site inspection. We take measurements of the available area and consult with our client to determine the optimum location for the floor and any additional needs that might arise.

  • After that, our experts put their years of industry experience to use in helping to build a mezzanine structure that will suit your demands and budget while taking into account the practical limitations of your location.

  • Following the approval of our design, we will start the fabrication of the necessary components of the mezzanine, using the best quality steel to ensure excellent standards for our free-standing structure.

  • When the components are prepared, our hand-picked experts will come and quickly install the mezzanine floor with little to no disruption to your business.

Benefits of Harris Handling Mezzanines

Increased space for your business

Outstanding durability

Provides workspace versatility

Top-notch safety features

Highly affordable

Can be disassembled and relocated to other areas