Conveyor Systems

Harris Handling Conveyor Systems

Improve your warehouse operational efficiency with our durable and dependable Gravity Conveyors. You can move all types of loads through your facility. Our line of rollers and wheel conveyors is custom-made to fit your business requirements.

Some warehouses or facilities may have space issues where standard gravity conveyor systems don’t just fit. Harris Handling provides customization in terms of lengths, widths, roller centers, and wheel patterns to fit any type of warehouse. 

Our Conveyor Systems Features

We always ensure durability with all our gravity conveyor systems. They are typically made of powder-coated steel but there’s an option for aluminum construction. We provide various spur options with straight or curved sections to accommodate any type of layout. This gives us the flexibility to provide what your business requires. 

End treatments, including impact plates, hook and bars, and package stops are also available. Most importantly, our units are height adjustable and easy to install. This ensures a good and uninterrupted production flow. 

Benefits of Harris Handling Conveyor Systems

Can be used for a wide range of material handling applications

Ultra durable, clean, heavy-duty, and food-safe.

Low-maintenance gravity roller conveyors

Relies solely on gravity, no expensive motors are required.

Saves time and money 

Can be disassembled and relocated to other areas